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Rental Car Honolulu, What to Know Before You Go?

Renting a car is the most efficient way to travel around any Hawaiian island. Our favorite is the island of Oahu. Honolulu is beautiful with the many sights and experiences that it has to offer. The mere idea of renting a vehicle can cause people to grumble and shrug because of long lines and the fine print and other annoyances that often come to mind.

Public transportation is minimal, and there is almost none that service the entire island. Taxis and Uber can be costly and difficult to use for exploring. Mopeds and bikes are useful for trips on drier days. However, they’re not suitable for other areas on the islands, specifically when long distances and rainstorms could be present between the destinations you’d like to visit. In the end, renting a car while in Honolulu is your best option. Here are some suggestions to remember when you rent a car.

Which car do you need?

Over the years, the public has debated which car is the most suited to meet the demands of tourists in Honolulu. There are rumors, that you need a 4×4 vehicle in order to travel the island. Although the Jeep experience is amazing, it is not absolutely necessary. In Honolulu, there are many other options and we’ll go over that reason in a minute.

Actually, all the places we’ve listed on our site and detailed in our guides are sufficient for any type of car rental. Therefore, you can get a lower-cost rental car and save money.


In the case of insurance, you can expect the sales pitch. You’ll hear the numbers about how bad Honolulu’s traffic accidents are and the dangerous road conditions with all the rain. Beware of the high cost of additional coverage from these car rental companies. Oftentimes, these companies convince you to buy something you don’t really need.

Consider the following when choosing rental insurance. The rental insurance they’re trying to sell you is merely temporary insurance, and you might already be covered. Contact your insurance company to find out if you’re covered by your current policy. In the event that you do have insurance that covers your car rental, then you are able to avoid the additional costs and save money again.

Additionally, be sure to inquire with your credit card provider, since they might also offer protection for cardholders. Be sure to contact the credit card company to determine what they will cover and what the limitations are. If you decide to take an off-road trip, remember not even your own insurance will cover you for that and you could be liable for the full amount of loss/damages.

Renting a convertible:

Imagine yourself floating through the islands with your top-down, and the breeze blowing through your hair. If you’re dreaming of that I’m not going to hinder you! But, there are some practical considerations you need to consider when thinking about renting that hot convertible.

Tripio Convertibles in Hawaii

First, when we last rented a convertible, I found the wind-whipped hair thing to be amusing for around ten minutes. After that, I was ready to put the top back up. If you’re a woman with short hair, or you plan to tie it back when you enter your car, it should not be a problem.

Next, be aware of the weather on every front. If you’re planning to cruise in a convertible around Honolulu on a sunny day, make sure that everyone inside the car has sunscreen! Hawaii is the sunburn capital of the world, or at least that’s what they say.

Contrary to what you might think, showers of rain in Honolulu are often unexpected when you’re enjoying the beauty of the day. Be ready to pull over at any time and raise the roof when seeing the first droplet of water. You won’t be able to lift the convertible’s top when it’s moving, so plan accordingly.

Never get caught in the unexpected showers of Hawaii, although they are beautiful, they could leave you with a hefty damage bill when turning the car back in.

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