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How to book a rental car in Hawaii? 

The process of renting a car in Hawaii is easy as long as you follow all the guidelines to make sure you’re adequately insured. Additionally, shopping for the right company will provide you with the most affordable rates. In this post, we’ll provide you with some suggestions on how you can reduce your expenses on your Hawaii rental cars along with all the essential information regarding insurance and pickup.

Find a cheap car:

Let’s get straight to the main point of finding a reasonable rental car. This isn’t an easy job since Hawaii isn’t the cheapest tourist destination! This means that the costs will definitely be higher, but there are ways to lower your expenses.

Track price changes:

Car rental companies, just like airlines, alter their rates according to the need. This means that prices can vary from your initial search. To make sure that everything is in your favor we recommend you make your first reservation with a company that offers no cancellation fee. Don’t be afraid to change your reservation and create an additional reservation if the cost decreases. It’s not uncommon for prices to drop, however, it is more common that the prices will increase.

Do I need to rent a car in Hawaii?


If you don’t plan on spending the whole day lounging around the pool of your hotel or relaxing on the beautiful beaches, then it is important to consider the options for transportation. The decision of renting or not renting a vehicle is based on three elements.

  1. The location that you’re visiting.
  2. What you’re planning to do.
  3. The option of what kind of vehicle you plan to do it in.

The most common car rental in Hawaii is a convertible sports car such as Ford Mustang or the Chevy Camaro. Another very popular rental in Hawaii is the Jeep Wrangler. Jeep’s popularity most likely comes from the enjoyment of removing the top and enjoying the fresh ocean Hawaiian breeze with that off-road feeling.

What’s the Total Cost of the Rental?

To inquire about rental costs, you can search for rental rates online or contact a car rental company directly. Once you’ve found a vehicle that is suitable for your needs and budget, it’s easy to reserve the car and then head out. What you might not realize is that a lot of rental car rates do not include insurance, taxes, and other hidden charges.

The cost of renting a car through the airport’s rental desk, for instance, is generally more expensive than renting a vehicle outside the airport. The airports charge the rental companies to conduct business at the airport. That cost is passed down to you, though you might not be aware of it until after you’ve received the invoice. Before paying, request an estimate for your rental car which includes all charges as well as taxes and fees.

This will allow you to better compare the prices of different rental car companies. It can also help to avoid any unexpected charges when you receive your invoice.

Other expenses to think about are the list of insurance plans offered. If you plan on buying loss damage waiver coverage, the price may differ between companies depending on the company. Additionally, if you are planning to travel with young children then you’ll most likely need car seats, and that price again will differ between car rental companies. Prior to making reservations, ask the agents about costs for these choices or search some online sites.

Does the Car have to be Returned with a Full Tank of Gas?

Nearly every car rental company today requires that you fill that tank prior to returning the car. Typically, you’ll get the rental with full tanks of gas and you will be required to return the vehicle with a full tank of gas. If you return the vehicle with less than a full tank, the rental company will fill it up for you and add that cost to your bill. Be aware that the rental company generally will charge a higher cost per gallon of fuel than the current price.

Contact the rental company regarding the nearest fuel station and make a note to fill the tank prior to returning the vehicle. Some rental car companies might offer you the option of pre-paid fuel. This allows you to buy gasoline at a set price per gallon. If you are planning to use the entire tank, this option may work for you. Remember, the cost per gallon may be higher than the price that is currently sold nearby.

Final Thoughts:

The positive side is that rental cars in Hawaii are affordable across the majority of islands. Of course, four-wheel-drive vehicles and convertibles cost more. Gas prices are higher in Hawaii as compared to the mainland. Prices for gas are considerably more expensive in Honolulu and Waikiki.

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